1.  Well Acceptance Condition


GreenZyme® can be used to treat a variety of well conditions, both offshore or inland; each well must comply with a set of optimal characteristics.


2.  Well Acceptance Process


After selection of the well(s) for potential treatment, the oil producer must completely fill out the “well acceptance form provided by AST (Apollo Separation Technologies).


AST will review and verify the well/s information via qualified third parties (petroleum engineers, geologists, oil production experts).


AST will notify the oil producer with approval of the submitted oil well/s within 15 business days.

Well Info Form

3.  Well Treatment Procedure


Casing:  Injection through casing is the best way to treat an oil well with GreenZyme® when all payzones are targeted.  


Tubbing: Unseat pump, remove sucker rods and production tubing. Rebuild pump; test, repair or replace sucker rods as necessary; pressure test all production tubing to 5,000 psi, repair and replace as necessary.


Reinstall production tubing setting a packer directly above the production zone (another packer must be set below production zone if well depth exceeds production zone depth).

Using high pressure pump, inject GreenZyme® solution directly into the formation. If pay zone depth is < 5 meters, treat with 4 barrels of GreenZyme® concentrate (diluted as per instructions)Add 2 to 3 barrels of GreenZyme® concentrate (diluted) for every additional five meters of pay zone thickness. Cap well for specified time.

4.  Initial Signs After Treatment


Static Liquid Level of well will rise, confirming increased pressure down-hole caused by release of oil from formation.


New Production Rate will always require increase in pump jack cyclical rate and/or stroke to lift the increased volume of fluid caused by the treatment with GreenZyme®.