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Simple Oil Field Implementation

Vertical and Horizontal Huff n Puff

When you inject or pump the water based GreenZyme® solution into your well producing layer, you only need the following equipment:

  1. One high pressure pump, capable of up to 5,000 PSI pressure, if possible.

  2. Large mobile mixing tank or truck for diluting the GreenZyme® solution with water at the site.

  3. Any acceptable produced water for GreenZyme® dilution, injection and soaking.


To date, GreenZyme® has been used to treat over several thousands of wells with a high rate of success, including a variety of different well types like heavy oil, depleted wells, off-shore wells, new well completion, wells with rapid decline, etc.)

Multi-use range of Applications

Huff and Puff stimulation

Improve Waterflooding sweep

Pre-soak for Steam, SAGD, WAG

GreenZyme® can be used to treat a variety of well conditions, both onshore or offshore.


  • Mature wells

  • Blockages and Paraffin build up

  • Relative Permeability improvement

  • Any type and % of salinity

  • High Temperature environments (270C)

  • Heavy Oil Fingering

  • Subsurface emulsion dispersant

  • Water coning

+90% Success Rate

Case studies indicate that GreenZyme® is capable of releasing more of the so called “non-recoverable” crude oil from the oil-bearing sands than previously thought possible.

This is possible because when GreenZyme® releases trapped oil the fluid in the formation is liberated to flow towards the production zone. 

The success rate is quite high, total fluid production very often doubled.

Environmentally Friendly

Under normal applications, GreenZyme® is totally harmless to an individual’s health, as well as to the environment.

GreenZyme® has been tested for toxicity and biodegradation by independent laboratories.


GreenZyme® is near neutral in pH from 5 to 7 when diluted and ready for use; non-pathogenic; biodegradable; & environmentally friendly.

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