Simple and Safe Operation

Huff n Puff

When you inject or pump the GreenZyme® into your well reservoir, you only need the following equipment:

  • One high pressure pump, capable of up to 5,000 PSI pressure, if possible.

  • One large, mobile mixing tank for diluting GreenZyme®.

  • Saline water (i.e. produced water) for GreenZyme® dilution and capping.


To date, GreenZyme® has been used to treat over several thousands of wells in these countries with a high rate of success, including a variety of different well types (depeleted wells, off-shore wells, new well completion, etc.)

 Range of Application

GreenZyme® can be used to treat a variety of well conditions, both onshore or offshore.


  • Environments of high temperature salinity and non neutral pH

  • Mature wells

  • Paraffin build up

  • Permeability

Waterflooding, Steam, WAG

 Success Rate

Case studies indicate that GreenZyme® is capable of releasing more of the so called “non-recoverable” crude oil from the oil-bearing sands than previously thought possible.

This is possible because when GreenZyme® releases trapped oil the fluid in the formation is liberated to flow towards the production zone. 

The success rate is quite high, usually in the high +90% with total fluid production very often doubled.

 Environmentally Friendly

Under normal applications, GreenZyme® is totally harmless to an individual’s health, as well as to the environment.

GreenZyme® has been tested for toxicity and biodegradation by independent laboratories


GreenZyme® is near neutral in pH from 5 to 7; non-pathogenic; biodegradable; & environmentally friendly