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What is GreenZyme®?

GreenZyme® is a water based, non-living protein molecule catalyst, developed, manufactured and trademarked exclusively by Apollo Separation Technologies Inc. of Houston, Texas.

One of the main uses for GreenZyme® is to enhance crude oil recovery from most oil wells, both onshore and offshore. Enzymes are surfactants, tenso-active molecules.


GreenZyme® History GreenZyme® is the brainchild of Mr. Philip Lau, PE., a former leading research engineer with The Dow Chemical Company, holder of 12 commercial patents. 


GreenZyme® was invented in early 1990's. Initially its use was to aid in the clean-up of oily sludge in superfund sites and in storage tanks in US markets. Initial success ever since year 1999 using biological enzymes not known previously in oilfield enhanced oil recovery projects, suggests a new and revolutionary approach to Well Stimulation, Clog Removal and EOR WaterFlooding with amazing results.  


Major use of GreenZyme® today is in oilfields after many years of improving the formula. Apollo Separation Technologies Inc. currently manufactures one single formula with multiple versions of our GreenZyme® family, which can be used for in a wide range of separation applications, mainly in improved oil recovery of oil fields by restoring permeability.


These days Apollo Separation Technologies, is focusing its efforts in new markets world-wide and we are currently seeking additional opportunities to expand our success through our agents.

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