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Apollo Separation Technologies, Inc.

Apollo Separation Technologies Inc (AST), of Houston, Texas, is a fast growing specialty biological enzyme company offering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to enhance crude oil recovery from most oil wells. The name Apollo Engineering was first established on February 1, 1990 in Texas, USA, doing business in bio-enzyme manufacturing and its applications in oilfield services and sludge clean-up projects.Business continued in expansion through the years, and in 1998, our company changed the name from Apollo Engineering to Apollo Separation Technologies, Inc until this day, to emphasize our core business on enhance oil recovery services.


Our trademark product GreenZyme® is the first bio-enzyme used in EEOR (Enzyme Enhanced Oil Recovery) projects and it is widely used in enhance oil recovery projects all over the world. Through our authorized agents in major oil producing nations, GreenZyme® is still the leading bio-enzyme recognized by our end users all over the world.

GreenZyme® is a Registered Trademark of Apollo Separation Technologies Inc

Made in Texas

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